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Training & Learning

Solutions for education institutions.

Irisoft Invest and Bentley Systems provide academic program Be Careers for academic institutions.

Be Careers is a program for training future professionals according to employers requirements. The program includes software, training and support for instructors, students and specialists of design companies. There is also an alumni resume bank.

Academic institutions obtain access to more than 50 software solutions of Bentley Systems, training materials and training courses. 24x7 technical support.

Trainers can access to software, curricula and training aids that help to adjust courses for their programs.

Students are provided with access to software for education either in labs or at home on their PCs. Having their courses completed, students receive certificates and included in resume bank that is accessed by Bentley users.

Bentley Systems users can obtain access to database of resume of qualified graduates that have a background allowing them to work efficiently from the beginning of their career. We also provide a facility for employees skills upgrading.

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