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Technical Support

BentleySELECT Technical Support

Subscription Bentley SELECT helps companies to safe investments in Bentleys software owing to flexible licensing system, support, and regular software update.

Software update

Access to the latest software versions, regular software updates.

Flexible licensing

Possibility of extending license package to required number or changing some licenses depending on project.

Technical support

Online support of specialists.

Technical support specialists help to provide stable operation of software solution supplied and implemented by Irisoft Invest. They consult you on issues related to software maintenance and operation.

The base plan of technical support includes as follows:

  • Users can once a year change part of licenses for one product to licenses for another one that is more important for company practice;
  • Special prices on Bentley's software;
  • Free software update: download updates for installed software and switch to new versions during software maintenance period;
  • Consulting on systems maintenance:
    • 5 days per week, 8 hours per day;
    • by phone or e-mail;
    • working hours: 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • Information support on Bentley Systems official site ( and by phone 24 x 7:
    • Access to 3d models and drawings libraries;
    • Additional free software and utilities;
    • Access to knowledge base of methods and principles of software operation;
    • Access to Be® conference that help to learn and use advanced operation methods;
    • Access to Bentley Developer Network;
  • Providing reports on requests to technical support service from Customer employees during a specified time.