St. Petersburg,
23M, ulitsa Professora Popova


Master layout, geological engineering survey
Mapping and displaying objects, mapping, land cadaster, etc. 3D GIS 3D analysis, land planning, noise pollution analysis, shadow analysis, natural disasters impact analysis. Water and wastewater systems design.  
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Roads, bridges, tunnels, and the other facilities
Designing transportation infrastructure: roads, streets, entry points, bridges, tunnels, interchanges, construction sites.  
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Civil engineering
Lifecycle of construction facility includes a number of stages: concept section, draft preparation, project design, survey, construction, operation, and decommissioning. Documentation, i. e. information on facility is the basis. It is required at any stage.  
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Irisoft Invest provides software solutions for implementing and controlling projects in mining and metallurgy related to design of field infrastructure development and mining processing plants. The main features of provided solutions are centralized storage and control of technological documents available for each project participant as well as a complete set of tools for design and analysis.
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Oil industry
Irisoft invest provide oil and gas enterprises with software solution Bentley Digital Plant that is used for automation of wide range of issues: survey, new rig site preparation, development works, oil and gas extraction, as well as development, construction, operation and service of integrated oil and gas processing plant.  
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